Maggie VandenBerghe

    Independent Filmmaker

    Energetic, motivational and courageous, San Francisco filmmaker Maggie VandenBerghe is a rare combination of visionary and pragmatic. Her work has been described as, "simultaneously ambitious, touching and smart."


    Before returning to her native San Francisco, Maggie produced several feature films while working with L.A. based production company, Baudelaire Corp. Through her experience in Los Angeles she worked in story development, pre-production, research and development, packaging and raising capital for independent films with budgets of $2M-$20M.


    She has spent her entire professional career in the industry. As a writer and producer she has created six features and ten shorts. As a director and co-director she has three short films to her credit.


    Her academic background includes USC, CalArts and Saint Mary's College of California. She is in pre-production to direct her first feature in October, a female-driven independent dramedy set in San Francisco and Hawaii.

  • Making cinema that speaks.

    #wanderlust - an independent comedic adventure

    #wanderlust: a road trip adventure feature

    (password: hilo)

    The Story: Two best girl friends from San Francisco set out on a Hawaiian retreat in search of adventure, Instagram likes, and the meaning of life. Along the way disaster ensues, a friendship is challenged, and spiritual fulfillment is realized during an unlikely series of events culminating in a sacred dance ritual.


    A coming-of-age tale for the millennial generation told though a car-camping adventure in Hawaii.

    It’s Frances Ha meets Little Miss Sunshine with a touch of Thelma & Louise.


    About the Project: Based on conversations and observations of the writer, and dedicated to creating more female driven stories in cinema, this project is the brainchild of Maggie VandenBerghe. She aims to create a humorous, charming and unique film about millennial women, finding yourself and your purpose and getting back to the important things in life.


    Next: The filmmakers shot a teaser in April 2016 to aid in securing capital to create this project. They are currently planning to shoot in October of 2016 (and if you want to get involved - get in touch!)





    Another thing she does.

    "Performing was my first love. It was my gateway drug to writing, directing and wanting to make movies." -Maggie V.

    As a performer, Maggie has appeared in nearly 20 independent films in leading and co-star roles and also played a supporting role in a 20th Century Fox comedy feature alongside Ashley Tisdale and Robert Hoffman. Maggie has studied with some of the top teachers in Los Angeles including Ivana Chubbuck and Leslie Kahn. She has played roles from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, as well as has appeared in dozens of commercials nationally and abroad. She specializes in comedy realism, acting on-camera, comedic television, movement, naturalism, and American Theater.

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